“It’s very full feeling. It’s just so different than when it’s totally dark”

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Sunday morning Tracy Rau called NewsChannel 15 to ask what time it was and when the sun would set and rise. “I needed to know what time the sun was actually going to come up so I could shut the lights off in the house and open up the house,” she said.

Due to cancer, Tracy lost sight in one of her eyes at just two years old. Sight in the other eye went the next year. She can’t see the light, but she feels it. “Everybody says ‘why do you flip them on? You could save on your electric bill!’ But my whole scenario is I don’t like the feeling of the dark.”

The time helps her control when she turns her lights on and off. It’s another adjustment, but after everything she’s been through, she’s doesn’t complain about that. Having brain cancer, lung cancer and sinus cancer, the seven time cancer survivor doesn’t mind a time change. “I know it’s still dark now in the mornings and I listen to when they say what time the sun comes up and goes down so I know when to flip the lights on if my husband’s not home for security.”

Her husband, Bill has been by her side for almost 20 years now. The two met 20 years ago and have been married almost 18 years. Tracy remembers very well when they met. “The amazing thing was he never looked at my blindness. He looked at me.”

She has hard days. But she has turned her experiences into something meaningful. She easily fell into the role of a motivational speaker, sharing her struggles to help others. “There’s times when people out here need to hear what someone has been through and how we got through it and what helps us celebrate each day that we have been blessed with.”

Tracy has done motivational talks at places like schools and churches. She’s now looking for bigger venues. If you have any interest in talking with Tracy, contact her at Tracy1104@frontier.com

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