‘It’s time’ Nature’s Corner at Spy Run and State to close

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Owned and operated by Fred and Janelle Webb for more than two decades, Nature’s Corner Antique Shop is closing at the end of this month. 

A year ago, Janelle Webb had a life changing stroke. Fred has been running the store on his own since then, waiting until the day she could come back. Now, he thinks that day is no longer coming. 

“Well she’s paralyzed on one side, and unfortunately, the stroke she had is rare,” Fred Webb said. “Only two percent live.” 

Nature’s Corner sits on the corner of State Boulevard and Spy Run Avenue. Webb said he thinks most of Fort Wayne drives by there every day. Some, like Renee Kilbane, stop to shop. 

“It’s always been a very fun and interesting place,” said Kilbane. “When my family comes, we always visit here and reminisce about things that our grandparents had or ‘what was this used for?'” 

Fred’s reason for closing now? It’s time. 

“Well I held onto it for her for as long as I felt I should, and our lease is up on the building…. We don’t own the building…at the end of this month so I decided now is the time,” he said. 

The reasoning may be simple but letting go has proven to be difficult for Fred and the regular customers. 

“(It’s) Pretty hard,” said Fred. “It’s taken a toll on her and me, both of us, but there comes a time when you just have to (move on).” 

“I’m really going to miss it” Kilbane said. “Plus, the people who worked here were extremely nice. They’re very generous and kind, and they always put flowers at the end of the bridge and in the little cracks in the sidewalks. They always planted things there, so it was really sad to see it go from the neighborhood.” 

Nature’s Corner is having a store closing sale until its final day of business on March 31. 

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