FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Local businesses are in the running for Indiana Chamber’s Coolest Thing Made in Indiana Contest.

The Coolest Thing Made in Indiana contest celebrates Indiana’s manufacturing history. Hudson Aquatic Systems of Angola, Wheelin’ Water of Fort Wayne, and Glasses Gripper of Decatur are among the top sweet 16 businesses competing for the title.

The company Glasses Gripper makes a product called glasses gripper that eliminates hand injuries while reducing the chance of scratching your frames or lenses.

The product from Wheelin’ Water that’s in the running is their portable hydration sports equipment. It’s used on the sidelines from grade school, to the NFL such as by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Greg Parks, Owner of Wheelin’ Water, says their portable hydration equipment is unique because of it’s convenience and that it’s hands free, especially with COVID-19 as a factor now.

“Most schools end up buying one or two, and they’ll put one at each end of the bench or they’ll have a great big one, we may up to 100 gallons, Parks says, “this way the coach doesn’t have to call a water break or anything, the managers don’t have to do anything they can fill it up with ice and it’s all cooled down, and they can just go over and get a drink from the hose anytime they want.” Parks wants to expand soon, and eventually would like to create different products for Special Olympics.

Hudson Aquatic Systems of Angola is the other area business in the top 16, and their underwater treadmills for dogs, horses, and people is the nominated product. It uses the natural properties of water to enhance your standard walking on the treadmill.

George Hunter, President of Hudson Aquatic Systems says what makes the underwater treadmill stand out is it’s use of water properties.

“That water property enhances an exercise that a lot of people use both in your physical therapy or in your gym. By just adding the water really increases that exercise and it also takes the pain off of your joints all at the same time.” Hunter said.

Hunter told WANE 15 that Summit Physical Therapy of Fort Wayne will be adding one of Hudson Aquatic’s underwater treadmills next month.

Round three of voting is open right now and ends on Sunday. Overall voting wraps up on Valentine’s Day. To cast your vote on what you think is the coolest thing made in Indiana, click here.

The winner will be announced February 15 at the Indiana Chamber’s Chamber Day Event at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis.