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Inspirational Crossfit Athlete is Positively Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, Ind. (WANE) - “I had a lot of dreams about what I was going to do in the future,” said Crossfit athlete Lauren Hoyt-Loy during an interview with NewsChannel 15’s Terra Brantley. “I thought I was going to play college soccer at Manchester, but I didn’t get a chance to do that.”

Hoyt-Loy’s dreams of competing in any sport were put in jeopardy on February 17th, 2003 when she was a senior in high school. “Fifteen years ago I was in a car accident, a head-on car collision on I-69,” said Hoyt-Loy. “I had lots of internal trauma. I had a head injury, an orbital fracture, a broken nose, a fracture in my spine. I had five cracked ribs, a collapsed lung, a lacerated liver. I broke both my femurs. I shattered my left knee and broke my left ankle. I had a compound fracture in my lower right leg and a broken right foot. There was a risk I wasn’t going to make it through the night.”

“After I made it through the night doctors told me they might have to amputate my lower right leg. My mother said that was not going to happen so doctors came up with a way to save it. It was an 8 hour surgery that included actually removing my lower left abdominal muscle and putting it in my leg and working with a plastic surgeon.” As Lauren healed, she began exercising again. Three years ago she decided to jump into Crossfit training and competition. “Crossfit’s a journey. It’s about where you want to go and how you’re going to push yourself to get there.”

The Crossfit competition is a worldwide contest where athletes compete in a high-intensity fitness program that incorporates different types of exercise. Hoyt-Loy, a 33-year old Woodside Middle School teacher, works out with others at Crossfit Praus Gym at 4106 Merchant Road in Fort Wayne. She and others at the gym are currently competing in the Crossfit Open. It is a five week program that requires crossfitters to complete preset workouts and submit results online. Crossfit Praus owner Misty Wallin is their trainer. “You perform the workouts with a judge or trainer and they judge you and then you put your score into the system and then you’re ranked worldwide throughout the open,” said Wallin. If you make it past the online open and are in the top percentage, you go on to regionals and from regionals there’s a national competition and ultimately an international contest .”

Hoyt-Loy has never made it to regional level and while that is something to work for, she is most concerned about doing her personal best. “Essentially in Crossfit you’re competing against yourself,” she said. “I can push myself. I can see how strong I am. I just want to prove to myself I can do things I haven’t done before.”

Hoyt-Loy is not only doing things she hasn’t done before, she is also celebrating her one year wedding anniversary this month. “When I first saw my lefts it was unbelieveable.I was like how would God ever let something like this happen to me?   I was like how is anybody going to love me with legs like this? Ultimately my self-confidence came from within. It doesn’t matter what my legs look like. They function. They’re strong and my husband loves me.”

“I totally see Lauren as an inspiration to a lot of people around here,” said Wallin. “She’s gone through several surgeries and completely just flowered into a new person.” “I didn’t know if this accident would ever play a role in my life,” said Hoyt-Loy. It’s been 15 years and now to get a chance to share my story as a teacher. I hope young girls see me as a positive role model. Crossfit for me is about pushing myself and trying to be a better version of me than I have ever been before.”

If anyone is interested in trying out Crossfit Praus, Saturday’s 9:30 a.m. class is free for all guests. For more questions contact the gym at 260-451-0358 or email at Crossfitpraus@gmail.com

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