Inside look: Science Central $2M planetarium project

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Science Central is almost two-thirds of the way to the necessary funding for its new planetarium. WANE 15 took an inside look at what the plan is for that project. 

The planetarium is the second capital project Science Central has taken on. The first was Science on a Sphere. There is unused space on the other side of the walls to that exhibit. That is where the planetarium will go. Executive Director Martin Fisher said that space is full of “raw, untapped potential.” 

The plan is to build a dome ceiling that is 30 feet in diameter that will show the images from various datasets. 

“We’re going to use the old 1960’s, University of St. Francis Star Ball,” Fisher said. “That’s what’s going to allow us to show the skies tonight from Earth-based location. That projector will be in the center of the room, and then, we’re going to have digital projectors inset into the walls just below that dome shaped ceiling, the planetarium dome.” 

Fisher is excited about where the data will be coming from. 

“From NASA, from the European Space Agency, German Aerospace Agency, Japanese Space Agency. We are going to have literally at our fingertips all of the latest greatest cutting-edge research from all of these aerospace agencies.” 

This will be the region’s only public planetarium. Science Central is working on grants to get the remaining funds for the project, but you can donate to the project if you would like. Just head here to the online donation site. 

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