FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- While inflation reached an all time high last month, two local businesses are working hard to help their consumers out.

Lev’s Pawn Shop on Wells Street and The Lighthouse Family Thrift Store on Parnell Avenue, have seen an increase in foot traffic. John Cantrell, manager of Lev’s Pawn Shop, says just in the last month he has seen more people than ever.

“Coming out of the pandemic era and when the pandemic era ended, everybody’s foot traffic increased naturally, and then over the last couple of weeks, maybe a month, I’ve seen more people we’ve been a little busier than normal, you know 50, 60 people come in through the door a day,” explained Cantrell.

At Lev’s there isn’t a real demand for certain items, it’s more people trying to pawn anything they can just to make extra money.

At The Lighthouse Family Thrift Store, Director and Founder, Brandon Bower explains that things are just not how they used to be.

“Prices with gas and groceries is really causing the increase in traffic, people can’t afford what they used to afford,” Bower said.

So what about the old shirt or television you have sitting around? Donations have actually increased.

“It’s actually the opposite, so people are, I am not working as much so they have more time to go through their closets and things,” said Bower. “We are overloaded with donations so that will probably slow down as the inflation continues, but right now we are set and ready for people to shop,” Bower explains.

The Lighthouse Family Thrift Store has back to school deals already for family’s.