Indiana State Superintendent of Pubic Instruction Dr. Jennifer McCormick visited Ivy Tech on Thursday to discuss education legislation in the Hoosier state. Her visit is one of many events she is holding statewide.

McCormick talked about various proposals in the works at the statehouse including K-12 funding, graduation requirements, school safety, and teacher salaries.

She said the decisions regarding school safety should be left to the local level, but does not support arming teachers.

“I’m not in favor of the let’s arm every teacher and hope for the best. I think that’s very irresponsible. That’s not the way Indiana should go,” said McCormick. 

Teachers’ salaries was another topic McCormick touched on as the statehouse is still working on developing a budget. 

“I was very hopeful at the beginning of session because the conversation was happening,” she said. “Now that the session is coming for the close I’m concerned. There’s just not enough and so at a time where you give maybe a 2-3% increase, you’re still going to have many of our districts who won’t see any new money.” 

The next event on her statewide tour will be in Greencastle on May 7.