Indiana man cuts Vegas trip short after shooting

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LAS VEGAS (WANE) – We’re learning several people from Northeast Indiana were in Las Vegas while a shooting took place outside Mandalay Bay. One man said Las Vegas was a fun tradition. Now he may never go back again.

David Meredith was supposed to be in Las Vegas until Friday. On Monday he headed back to Indiana. He said Sunday night was one of the most traumatic nights of his life.

“Vegas we love it,” Meredith said. “We always go here. This is my fourth or sixth time here. We always have fun.”

Meredith flew from South Bend to Las Vegas to meet his friend from China. It’s a meet-up they’ve done several times before.

“We love to see the shows,” Meredith said.

Meredith and his friend were in one of those shows at the MGM Grand Hotel when a gunman opened fire at a crowd outside Mandalay Bay killing nearly 60 people and injuring more than 500. When the two finished the show, they figured it was time for a normal Vegas evening.

Then, while in the hotel lobby, they heard a loud noise.

“I thought it was fighting or something,” Meredith said. “I ran out and people were crazy coming in from the outside. They were like shooting, shooting.”

Thinking something was happening at the MGM, Meredith and his friend left to try to go back to their hotel on the strip.

“While we were walking in the streets people were telling us don’t go that way, don’t go that way,” he said.

Monday morning Meredith and his friend knew the city isn’t the same city they know and love. So, they decided to come home.

“The streets are kind of quiet,” Meredith said. “Not a lot of people walking around. When I woke up this morning there was nobody in the street.”

Meredith and his friend have already decided they won’t be meeting in Vegas next year. After that they’ll take it year by year to decide if they want to go back.

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