Indiana joins list of lawmakers pushing for diaper sales tax exemption

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Represetative Carey Hamilton is pushing to pass House Bill 1289. A bill that would exempt taxes from diaper sales.

At least 18 states have introduced legislation to eliminate or reduce the rate of the sales tax on diapers.

Representative Hamilton says this is an important bill that she wants passed, for the health of babies and toddlers but also to help families save a few bucks.

The average baby goes through 2,500 diapers in a year. One in 3 families can’t afford diapers. For lower income families in Fort Wayne, Director of Healthier Moms and Babies, says lower income families spend 14% of their yearly income on diapers.

“A lot of our families who we serve who are lower income because they feel like they have to stretch the number of diapers that they have, they might not change them as frequently, which can cause diaper rash, urinary tract infections, and a variety of other health concerns.” said Paige Wilkins, Director at Healthier Moms and Babies 

Hamilton’s predesessor in her district proposed an amendment that would make feminine hygiene products and diapers sales tax exempt in 2016, which didn’t pass.

If this bill becomes law it would go into effect this summer.

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