FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Thousands are dealing with no power in extreme heat after Monday night’s storms. WANE 15 talked with Indiana Michigan Power to find out when your electricity will come back on.

The last update from I&M said there are still more than 20,000 customers without electricity in Fort Wayne. The company estimates power will be completely restored by 11 p.m. Thursday, and many customers in the area may see power back on even sooner.

The company is prioritizing first the areas affecting the most people. One of those areas is on the southwest side of the city at a section of Illinois Road, which is closed from Scott Road westbound for about a quarter mile while crews work.

Michael Bianski, communications representative for I&M, said they are working as quickly as possible to get everyone’s power back on because they understand it’s frustrating to be without power, especially in these conditions.

I&M has all 450 of their workers out Tuesday, and another 450 are arriving in the Fort Wayne area no later than Wednesday morning.

There are several factors that affect how soon electricity switches back on. Bianski pointed out the process is slowed down partly because fallen trees are blocking many of the work sites that crews are trying to get to. He added I&M is well-stocked on supplies to repair the damages, but it’s a process to take down all the broken power lines and replace the equipment.

“If you’re looking at a storm like this where it’s widespread damage, high winds, you’ll have some cases where a broken pole, a downed wire, it might take four or five hours to fix and that one repair will bring 1,000 customers back on,” Bianski explained. “But another case, the four or five hours to fix it will only bring back one or two. So, we try and tackle the biggest jobs we can as fast as we can.”

In addition, the workers doing these repairs have to wear layers of protective gear, and they may need some extra breaks to rehydrate while working.

Bianski said one way to keep the house cooled down without electricity is to close your curtains on the sides of the house where the Sun is shining. If you’re outdoors, it’s essential to stay hydrated and take breaks when you can.

You can stay updated on I&M’s progress using their app and signing up for mobile alerts, checking your account online, and viewing the outage map.