FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Heavy rain caused flooding across Fort Wayne Wednesday with water levels nearly reaching a resident’s home Wednesday afternoon.

It happened at a home near the intersection of Chaddsford Drive and Berwyn Lane. The entire intersection was covered in water, with cars unable to travel through it forcing them to find alternate routes.

Homeowner Greg Crawford sent WANE 15 pictures of the flooded area. The high water levels reached halfway up his front yard.

Flooding photo of Chaddsford Dr. & Berwyn Ln.

“This was the worst, but it’s gotten close to that several times before it’s covered my sidewalk at least three or four times,” Crawford said, “You can see the debris line up there in my yard, and that was like if it went just a little further it would be all the way to my house.”

Crawford said not only were cars rerouted, but so were neighborhood children walking home from school. They had to take different directions to get home.

“I was a bit concerned about that because there were a lot of little kids in the neighborhood,” Crawford said.

Crawford contacted the City of Fort Wayne, and they quickly came out and fixed the issue. He says he was impressed by their response time.

“It made me feel really good, made me feel confident in our leaders,” Crawford said.

With flooding being a reoccurring issue, however, Crawford says he would like the City of Fort Wayne to find a permanent solution.