ICU time doesn’t sway Sen. Kruse on COVID-19 vaccine

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AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — An Indiana state senator who spent 10 days in a hospital’s intensive care unit with COVID-19 says he stands behind his decision to not get vaccinated against the illness.

“It was terrible,” Sen. Dennis Kruse said. “I almost died but I didn’t. They gave me the right treatments and I gradually got better.”

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Republican Sen. Dennis Kruse of Auburn spoke with WANE 15 over Zoom Thursday afternoon. Kruse, who is resting at home is on oxygen and said he was still feeling weak. His 10 day battle with COVID also left 20 pounds lighter and trouble balancing.

Kruse said he began experiencing uncontrollable shaking in early September about the time his wife was admitted to a hospital with pain from her bone cancer. After spending 5 days at home sick, a friend finally took him to the hospital.

His wife also tested positive for COVID-19 but he says she didn’t become ill. At one point the couple, who have been married for 53 years were 6 rooms apart in the hospital and used Facetime to talk communicate with one another.

“I am very thankful that God spared my life,” Kruse said. “It means that he has something more for me to do before I pass.”

Kruse says he doesn’t think COVID-19 vaccinations are necessary and believes in natural herd immunity. The last time he had a shot was in grad school.

“I always thought that I should take care of myself the best I can,” Kruse said. “I take vitamins and minerals. I always thought you get sick you get sick and you get old or you die and whatever happens, happens. I feel a personal freedom that if I want to take a shot I can take a shot and if I don’t want to I don’t have to take a shot.”

During the next legislative session, Kruse says that he will file a bill that would stop vaccine mandates.

“I want to prevent forced vaccination,” Kruse said. “I had the bill this session and it almost passed out of committee with but it needed one vote.”

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