After she publicly confronted a Warsaw pastor about his years of sexual misconduct that started when she was a teenager, the woman’s husband spoke out Thursday.

“How sick and perverted can you be?” said Nate Gephart in the interview with Inside Edition. Allegations against the pastor first surfaced in May, when Nate’s wife, Bobi, spoke to New Life Christian Church to share her past experiences with John B. Lowe II.

The original video of the confrontation went viral last month after being posted to Facebook. Nate stood next to Bobi as she shared her version of events after the pastor confessed to what he labeled an “adulterous relationship.”

“It was a disgusting display of twisting the truth,” Nate said Thursday. “What he did to her was completely evil and satanic.”

Inside Edition reported in Thursday’s interview the pastor had started grooming Bobi when she was 14 years old, and took her virginity when she turned 16. That dynamic continued for nine years, Bobi said, until she met Nate, who never knew about the alleged sexual misconduct. Lowe had officiated the couple’s wedding in 2004. Bobi told Nate last month what she had been through.

“I took a few moments and I just started sobbing, crying. I went outside, I threw a chair. I probably used every cuss word in the book,” Nate said of his initial reaction to the news.

“When you claim and parade yourself around like a pastor- and you do that to someone- you are a wicked and evil person, and that’s what he is,” Nate said in Thursday’s interview.

Indiana State Police is investigating the allegations.