FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Hurricane season is here, as evidenced by Hurricane Ian, which has spread damage across the southeast portion of the United States.

However, it has not had an effect in an area we have come to associate hurricanes with: rising gas prices.

That’s due to the fact that most refineries in the United States call the Gulf Coast home instead of the east coast where Hurricane Ian ended up.

So why is Fort Wayne, and the Midwest as a whole, feeling gas price increases?

It has to do with refineries that are not in the south.

“We’ve had some refinery snags develop in the last couple of weeks,” said Patrick De Haan, a petroleum expert with GasBuddy.

Chief among those “snags” was a refinery near Toledo that caught fire on Sept. 20 and has caused prices to jump.

In that fire, two men were killed as well.

Another refinery in the Midwest also saw trouble.

Gas prices in Fort Wayne compared to the national average over the last three months as of 9/29/2022

The Whiting refinery on the southern coast of Lake Michigan in Indiana had an electrical fire last month that halted production for some time.

“As we see refineries go down unexpectedly, we see gas prices going up,” De Haan said.

But even with the uncertain fragile balance that refineries impose upon the daily lives of drivers, De Haan thinks gas prices have a chance to once again dip below $3 a gallon once again in Fort Wayne.

“Potential of a sub $3 price that still exists,” De Haan said. “It’s still remotely possible that we could see a station or I don’t know a handful of stations under $3. Obviously, the refinery issues are an exception that simply delays that possibility from happening. It doesn’t destroy it.”