Huntington County Schools employees use 3D to help healthcare workers

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HUNTINGTON COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) — While kids aren’t in school buildings, two Huntington County Community School Corporation employees are utilizing their skills and equipment to help healthcare workers.

In coordination with the Huntington County Department of Health, 3D printers are helping make the headpiece portion of a visor.

Intro to engineering teacher Dave Harvey and Career and Technical Education Director Tiffanney Drummond are working together to produce the headpieces.

Drummond received the idea from the Indiana Career and Technical Director’s association. The organization put out an “all-call” for anyone to start printing the headpiece if they have a 3D printer.

Harvey prepped the printers for use, and both he and Drummond have printers at home to print around the clock.

“I actually used to be a nurse, and so knowing some of my former colleagues are able to have these it means a lot to me. I’m really happy that we can. It feels like not very much, but anything we can do is what we want to do to help,” says Drummond.

“I teach engineering, and what we look at is changing and fixing things. And this is just one way that we can do that. We’re excited to be able to help them, help protect them knowing they’re putting in long hours everyday and putting themselves at risk,” says Harvey.

It take about 8 1/2 hours to print 4 visors. It’s printed in one piece, then broken into 4 headpieces for the visors. A transparency page is then attached, as well as rubber bands to secure the visor to someone’s head.

Drummond dropped the first finished pieces off to the Huntington County Health Department earlier this week.

Tiffanney Drummond giving the Huntington County Health Department visors

“You know, I feel like printing four at a time feels kind of silly sometimes, but it’s something we can do. It’s better than the four we didn’t have before, and so I think every little bit helps. I mean truly, the more our communities come together, I think it’s better for everyone.”

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