The Huntertown Fire Department rescued a dog from a frozen pond off Carroll Road near Coral Springs Drive Monday morning.

Rick Begley, the man who called 911, told WANE 15 he was walking his own dog when he heard the trapped dog’s cries around 6:25 a.m. 

“I went out to try and get the leash but there was no leash on the dog.” Begley said.

Firefighters Korie Krull and Cortney Brooks got there no more than 5 minutes later, and had the dog out of the water in about two minutes.

Crews battled extremely cold weather as temperatures were only 8 degrees at the time of the rescue.

Brooks said he thinks the ice was about an inch, but the dog must’ve fell through a warm spot.

“You could obviously tell the dog was cold, he had icicles hanging off of his fur so we just got in the water and tried to help the dog get out.” Brooks said.

“It was honestly just terrifying because he was shivering and he was barely able to stand.” Isa Mujagic, the owner said.

The dog was returned safely to its owners alive and well. The 160-pound Great Pyrenees named Medo will turn 3-years-old on March 31st, according to his owners. 

“I just want to give a huge thank you to them because he’s one of the hugest parts of our life and he’s the first pet we’ve had so it’s an unbeliveable kind of connection to have with that kind of animal and that he has with us and the firefighters are pretty much what the only reason we still have him around today.” Mujagic said.