How to talk with family during holiday gatherings

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It’s the holiday season and that often means friends and family gathered together to celebrate. But, that can also sometimes raise tension between family members.

Dr. Kristen Varian is a Post Doctoral psychology resident at the Park Center, Parkview Behavioral Health Institute. Varian said regardless of how much you love them, you’re bound to run into an uncomfortable, annoying, or tense situation with a family member at some point. That’s why she recommends setting boundaries.

“Setting boundaries on how much time you are willing to spend with people and around topics you want or don’t want to talk about can be really important,” Dr. Varian said. “It can be a simple conversation like, ‘Hey, I notice when we talk about [xyz] things get really heated and I get anxious or sad. I would really like it if we could not talk about it.'”

Varian also recommends taking time for self-reflection.

Those struggling or in need of advice can call the Parkview Behavioral Health HelpLine at (260) 373-7500 or (800) 284-8439 anytime, 24 hours a day. An assessment specialist will listen, answer questions, and recommend steps to take.

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