BLUFFTON, Ind. (WANE) — The search continues for a 19-year-old man whose vehicle was found in the Wabash River. On Wednesday, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office took a missing person report for 19-year-old Branden Beer of Geneva.

Due to the car being found in the river, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is also involved in the investigation. It’s an investigation that may have some wrinkles due to the ever-changing nature of rivers. While the search continues for Beer, investigators may benefit from the river’s low flow rate.

“These are the best conditions you could hope for, obviously the river could be completely dry, you wouldn’t have a river though,” said Jim Andersen, a lead meteorologist for the northern Indiana branch of the National Weather Service.

In Andersen’s opinion, the low flow may help keep evidence from the car- such as keys, a wallet, or a cell phone- close to where Beer’s car was found.

“With 275 cubic feet per second, that’s not very fast, that’s relatively slow,” Andersen said. “I would expect any type of item should stay relatively close to where it was originally dropped.”

Andersen also said that with their current forecast, he doesn’t expect conditions to change much over the next week or two, with one of the largest factors being rain runoff into the river.

The investigation continues into what happened to Beer and where he is.

WANE 15 has reached out to the DNR who is involved in the investigation with no response.