How Black Friday shopping could impact the economy

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — We’ve heard about chip shortages impacting carmakers and electronics makers and the shipping delays that are slowing deliveries.

So what should we expect over our holiday shopping season and how will it change in the months to come?

PFW economics professor Jeffrey Cline says that this Black Friday what consumers buy and how much could impact the economy in more ways than one.

“With reduced hours and fewer stores, it’s going to make it harder to meet the demand in the economy right now,” Cline said. “The way we get back from that is by having enough people to man the stores. But if we don’t have enough people coming back into the economy and back into the labor force that issue won’t be resolved in time for the holidays.”

With the shortage of workers and material does going out on Black Friday and shopping on Cyber Monday hurt the economy or help?

Cline says it depends on the item you are looking to buy.

“I wouldn’t say don’t go out on Thursday and Friday but maybe have altered expectations about what you are going to find,” Cline said. “It’s not going to be like the holdiay shopping season of last year or the year before that.”

With the labor shortage one PFW student and retail employee working this holdiay season is asking shoppers be patience and understand that every company is short staffed.

“You never really understand until you are in the hands of those retail employees seeing what they go through because people don’t really understand where we are coming from,” retail manager Corinne Dager said. “They never understand that we are busy and that we do have prior obligations and that we are going through the same thing.”

Another tip if you are planning to go out is, start early and remember your manners.

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