GARRETT, Ind. (WANE) — Anyone who drives down Randolph Street through the heart of Garrett will now be greeted by banners that honor Hometown Heroes.

On the banners, there’s a photo, name, and military branch for men and women who served or currently serve our country.

The banners are there because of Julie Faulkner.

Faulkner had a friend who purchased a similar type of banner in a neighboring town. She told WANE 15 that when she posted pictures of the banners on Facebook, the overwhelming response was: ‘We should do this in Garrett.’

That led Faulkner to take the idea to the Garrett Garden Club, which works to beautify the city.

She then became a member, and started heading the project.

At $125 per banner, they began taking orders last year in August and September.

Faulkner said the goal was to sell 100 banners and have them up before Memorial Day Weekend this year.

They succeeded with both goals. They sold 127 banners, and Faulkner said they’ve received more than 50 new requests to purchase a banner since they’ve gone up.

“Oh my gosh! It means the world to me,” Faulkner said. “I, literally, I have had tears a couple times. I have one of my father, too. So, it’s meant an awful lot to me. I just want people to start to be able to feel a little more pride in their community and in those who have served, and I just thought that was really important to do.”

The sales of the banners were also used to help raise funds for the Garrett Garden Club. Faulker said they hadn’t been able to raise money the last few years due to COVID, so this new project has been a nice boost.

This Sunday, May 28, there will be a reception held at Zion Lutheran Church on Randolph Street for Hometown Heroes and their families.

The reception is from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

There, forms will be available to fill out with history on the Honored Heroes. Those stories will then be published in the local paper to put a story behind the faces people are seeing in town.

Because there have been so many requests for new banners, Faulkner said they’ll be doing a second round of them next year.

They’ll begin taking orders in December. While the first round was only open to military members, the second round will include military members that don’t yet have banners, as well as any other people who are considered heroes.

Examples Faulkner gave were first responders, doctors and lawyers.