FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The roof at Homestead High School has more than a few issues.

Since late winter, a “large section” of the school’s vast roof has sprung leaks, according to Southwest Allen County Schools Superintendent Dr. Park Ginder. The leaks began in force after what Ginder described as a “big melt” of snow and ice in February, and have continued under rainy conditions since then.

Administrators have had to move classes from time to time to clean up the leakage, he explained. The school’s library has been particularly impacted, and has been closed for “a while.”

Ginder said contractors have been on the school’s roof from the outset of the leaks, making repairs as they find issues in real time. He said at first, officials thought they had the leaks under control, but then a new leak or situation would happen “and it’s leaking again.”

The school is already largely a construction zone, as large additions are being built on both the south and north sides. Ginder said the roof issues are unrelated to that construction project.

The good news: most of the roof repairs fall under warranty, so the district is not out any money. Ginder said the school board is aware of the leaks, but has not had to approve any additional funding for repairs.

It’s not clear, though, when those repairs will be fully completed.

The last school day for students at SACS is May 26.