FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Neighbors in a southwest side neighborhood near Homestead High School woke up to graffiti on their garage doors Monday morning.

Police say around 1 a.m., home video footage shows what appears to be a teenager wearing a white hoodie spray painting the garage door of a residence in The Homesteads addition, then running away.

Three additional homes had their garage doors spray painted, all with green paint.

WANE 15 spoke to neighbors about what exactly happened, and they tell us this is a very tight knit and diverse neighborhood, and they never expected something like this to ever happen.

One neighbor says she’s lived in the neighborhood for 18 years with no prior issues, until recently when a post went viral of a Homestead High School student in blackface.

No connection has been confirmed between the vandalism and recent racial tensions in the community.

Two homeowners whose houses were vandalized were minorities, and both happened to have security cameras. One of the homeowners said none of the other houses have, or have to have cameras, and she believes that isn’t right.

“I shouldn’t have to buy a security camera just to feel safe in my own neighborhood. Everyone here knows each other and are like family. It’s sad something like this happened to us.”

Homeowner in The Homesteads

Police are still looking for the suspect. If you have any information, you are asked to call police.