Holli Murphy was first elected trustee in 2008 and after three terms, she was ready to step up… runnning for president.

“She doesn’t think of herself as the first female president of a big industrial union, she sees herself as the president.” Her longtime friend and a previous UAW president, Randy Schmidt, said.

Murphy was first hired into General Motors and the UAW, in Anderson, Indiana in 1999, and she was very involved in the community there  Now she’s leading the pack in the Summit City.

“Yes there are challenges because you are a woman, not everybody gets so excited as you do.” Murphy said. 

Holli Murphy is more than just a president. She is also a mother of two boys, Michael and Daniel.

“When i’m not here I’m doing a lot of baseball games, basketball games, football.” Murphy said.

She has a lot on her plate, but she says it also makes her stronger. She feels that her role as a mother helps her in the work force as well.

“We’re women you know, we’re mothers, so what inspires me is that we’re solution-based, we always want to be in the middle of the road, finding solutions. It doesn’t always have to be one way or another. We want to always come together.”

Schmidt things her legacy will last long after her term is up.

“I think the major thing that she brings to our local union is she has worked really hard to bring new people in to the process. Her legacy will be that anyone can run for president, whether you’re black or white, male or female. There is no glass ceiling, the sky is the limit.”  Schmidt said.

In light of International Womens’ Day, Murphy’s message is for all women.

“Don’t be afraid, women should not be afraid to run for any position, just go with your heart do what’s right, it’s not always an easy decision, but do what’s right you know make the right decision.”