Hoagland residents discuss proposed sewer rate hike

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Hoagland residents could soon see a 62 percent increase on their sewer bills through February 2019. Under the proposed plan, the town’s sewer system would be connected to Fort Wayne City Utilities versus the Hoagland Treatment Plant. 

The plant would no longer treat the waste. Sewage would be held in the town then pumped by a forced main for more than 6 miles to Fort Wayne. 

Residents could pay $120 per month by the year 2034, said the Hoagland Chamber of Commerce. Fort Wayne Utilities would also have control over rate changes.

The Hoagland Chamber of Commerce argues the town hasn’t been taken seriously on the issue because it’s not represented on the Allen County Water and Sewer District Board.

More than 100 people showed up to the meeting with the Hoagland Chamber of Commerce, Allen County Water and Sewer District and County Commissioners.

Not one person in the crowd voiced support for the plan. Most want to upgrade the current treatment plant.

“I think the Board has been headed down this road for quite some time,” Hoagland Chamber of Commerce Treasurer Don Niemeyer said. “Sometimes when you have an overall goal you tend to overlook that it’s real people that are affected.”

“I just hope that they’re more transparent when it comes to the next meeting for the next rate hike,” Resident Kelly Linton said. “I hope I see it, and we are more proactive, and we fill their room and let them know this is not for us.”

The Water and Sewer District Board of Trustees votes on the rates, but residents can appeal that decision with the Board of Commissioners, according to county spokesperson Michael Green.

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