FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A newer nonprofit in Fort Wayne is making it its mission to celebrate diversity and nurture empathy through different cultures in the community. And it’s doing so with a focus on art.

“The good news is, we don’t have to do any blending. We’re already blended. We’re already a multi-cultural world. And in Fort Wayne, we’re even a multi-cultural society. And so the challenge for us is to celebrate that, to realize the treasure in our own neighborhood,” said Kelsie Godoy, founder of Bridging Worlds.

Bridging Worlds was created in 2020. Since then, Godoy has been working to celebrate different cultures through various art mediums.

“I feel like, I know, actually, that a city that wants to be multi-cultural and it already is multi-cultural, needs this type of programming and this type of celebration of the Burmese culture, Hispanic cultures, all the cultures that are in our area.”

One of the programs Bridging Worlds puts on is Musical Conexion. It’s a free family concert that is bilingual and includes cultural immersion, specifically in Spanish and Hispanic culture. Kelsie said each Hispanic culture is different, but each has a unique heritage.

“In order to discover those unique things, you need a bridge. And this case that bridge is the Spanish language. It opens doors to discover worlds: art, and music, and gastronomy, and each one has something beneficial for all of us.”

This is why Kelsie will continue her mission through Bridging Worlds.

“I am raising my daughters here in Fort Wayne. And I’m raising them bilingually. I’m not really sure what the future holds for Bridging Worlds. I would like to continue to support programs like Musical Conexion and others that work at these interstices, the important interstices of education, and arts, and culture. I really think that is the work of the future to align ourselves with that type of work, in order to make the world a more beautiful place.”

Bridging Worlds will be hosting a free concert on September 23. It will feature Chilean artist, Marcelo Jara. The concert will be at the Garden, which is located at 3308 North Anthony Boulevard. Doors open at 6, and the concert starts at 6:30 p.m. It’s free to attend. To learn more about Bridging Worlds, click here. Also, check out Bridging World’s Instagram here.