High school student saves choking classmate

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After months of tragedy for the West Noble school community, losing several students in crashes, the school system found something to celebrate: the heroic actions of a student during lunch.

“It looked like he was struggling with his food,” Titus Allard described seeing Carl Galloway choking on his lunch. “I didn’t really think too much, I just jumped up as soon as I could.”

Titus and Carl have become lunch buddies. An unlikely duo, Carl is a functioning skills student and Titus is a multi-sport athlete.

“He’s my best friend,” Galloway said.

Eating lunch together has become routine for the two, but what happened Monday was not normal.

“At the time I wasn’t thinking,” Allard added. “I just put my arms around him and started pumping his chest.”

Within a few seconds, it was all over and the two went back to eating like nothing happened.

“He got the food up,” Allard explained. “It looked like a pretty large piece came out.”

Galloway said he was a “little bit scared,” but was glad Allard was sitting next to him.

The school was still buzzing about the incident Tuesday afternoon, knowing everybody came out of the incident fine.

“They gave me the title of hero,” Allard explained. “I’m just going along with my day they’re all like ‘oh, you’re a hero.’ I don’t really see it that way. I was just acting on the situation.”

Even the Noble County sheriff’s department shared its pride in Allard, giving him a shoutout and a word of thanks on the department’s facebook page.

“Once you’re in a situation and you start freaking out, I’d say just calm down and think about what you have to do,” Allard said.

Principal Greg Baker told WANE 15 News after lunch, Galloway told him “Titus saved my life,” before continuing about his day. 

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