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High lead levels found in eight homes, old pipes to blame

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - The City of Fort Wayne maintains its water is high quality after a handful of homes tested positive for lead. 

In a recent sampling of 70 Fort Wayne homes, eight houses had lead levels high than the requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency. City Utilities said the levels are high because of lead pipes in older homes.

The homes were built before 1986, the year Congress changes laws to ban the use of lead solder containing greater than 0.2 percent lead. Six of the homes that had high levels were built before 1937 and are likely to have lead service lines.

The city emphasizes that the problem is with the pipes, not the water.

"Water produced and distributed from our Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant always meets or is better than state and federal requirements, " according to a news release from City Utilities. 

The owners of lead positive homes have already been notified. Additional information has been mailed out to all Fort Wayne water customers about lead paint, lead-contaminated soil and dust, and lead in drinking water.

Customers who want their water tested can get a discounted rate with City Utilities through Element Materials Technology. The company has agreed to charge $16 per sample. The State of Indiana also has a list on its website of other testing companies.

Here's a list of other resources with information on lead risks:





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