HICKSVILLE, Ohio (WANE) – The Hicksville Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify the source of recent vandalism in the city.

The police department said in a release officers responded Saturday to several reports of vandalism and criminal mischief in the Village of Hicksville.

Police are asking anyone in the area with security footage to check their camera systems and contact the Hicksville Police Department at 419-542-6661 with any information.

Police believe the incidents happened between Sept. 30 and the early hours of Oct. 1, involving:

Tampering with mailboxes, storm sewer covers, manhole covers, and football equipment at Hicksville High School. There was also reported damage to traffic signs, attempted theft of license plates, garbage cans being turned over and dumped out, and “large amounts of rocks” put in parking lots and roads.

The incidents happened at the high school’s football practice field, Hicksville Park, Arthur Street between Main and Bryan streets, North Main at Cornelia Street, South Main at Hicks Street, East and West Hicks streets, Oak Park Drive, Bryan Street and Dixon Avenue, and Fountain and Hicks streets.