Heyerly’s owners say its time to retire, selling family bakery

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Heyerly’s Bakery, a family-owned business in Ossian, is up for sale.

The bakery, located at 107 North Jefferson Street, has been in business since 1931, selling doughnuts, cakes, cookies and fudge. 

After working at the bakery since he was a boy, owner Ron Heyerly says he and his brothers, who also own the bakery, are getting old and are ready to retire. 

“As you get older you get aches and pains, you didn’t have before,” said Heyerly, “It is just time to turn this thing over to somebody else.” 

According to BKM Real Estate, the agency overseeing the sale, all of the recipes, equipment and even the delivery van will be included. 

“We want the business to succeed and with our recipes we have done for all these years, people, that’s what they expect.” said Heyerly. “We want this to continue and succeed.” 

The bakery has been up for sale since October. Heyerly said for the right price he would consider offers from anyone, but he hopes whoever does buy it will keep the bakery. 

The bakery will continue business until it is sold.

“We’re for sale, but we’re not closing.”  said Heyerly.

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