FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After a federal judge struck down the mask mandate for airlines and mass transit services, many Fort Wayne services followed suit. Allen County Health Commissioner doesn’t necessarily agree with the move.

Monday evening the Transportation Security Administration said it would no longer enforce the mask requirement. Airline companies acted quickly terminating the mandate. Uber and Citilink also ended the mandate.

Citilink has been preparing to make this announcement for a long time. John Metzinger, the CEO of Citilink says, “it’s been interesting in our community especially that you can go almost anywhere, maybe with the exception of health care facilities, without wearing a mask. Aboard public transportation, our riders would would board the bus after work for example, and not have a mask with them. So we didn’t make masks available but it just seemed unusual that masks were required only on Citilink. This is a good thing I think for our riders because now they can just hop aboard again like they used to do before the pandemic and then go where they need to go.”

The Fort Wayne International Airport announced on Twitter that passengers, visitors and employees are no longer required to wear a mask at the airport.

Despite the many transportation services ending the mandate, the Allen County Health Commissioner Doctor Matthew Sutter says that this might not have been the best decision.

“I think it’s pre-mature, we continue to see surges of BA-2 in the northeast around some of the larger urban centers. Certainly, mass transit is a way that COVID-19 fairly easily spread,” Sutter explains. He says masks limit the spread if the person wearing a mask is infected and continues to urge people to be vaccinated.

Many travelers in northern Indiana catch a flight at O’Hare International Airport. The airport announced on Twitter Tuesday that it is still requiring masks for the time being.