Developers are getting ready to present plans for the North River property to city leaders. 

Headwaters Junction is among the potential projects. The team behind it is pitching their plans the public in a series of presentations before meeting with the people who will pick the project.

“Riverfront development I think is all about enriching the existing,.assets that we have in this community and celebrating what makes Fort Wayne special, what makes us unique and that’s what makes Headwaters Junction a great part of this plan,” Kelly Lynch, the executive director of Headwaters Junction told NewsChannel 15.

The Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society has been working with Design Collaborative and Continental Property Group in coming up with a plan for the land.

A third of the space will be devoted to teaching and entertaining around Engine 765 and other railroad features.

“This neighborhood used to be a railroad neighborhood,” Lynch said. “The North River property was a railroad yard for many years. This is an opportunity to kind of pay respect to that history but create something new for the future as well.”

The other two-thirds of the land would be used for other development, something the surrounding community has a say in.

“Over a half dozen community organizations have supported Headwaters Junction, and we want to give people an opportunity to weigh in and learn more about the project now that it has reached this point, and also suggest what they would like to see in addition to Headwaters Junction on the North River property,” Lynch added.

The first meeting was planned for Tuesday evening at Hop River, near the North River property. More meetings are in the works.

A decision on what developer will build on the land could come in the fall. Construction could come at the end of 2019.