Fort Wayne mom shares story of son’s experience with pill that ‘almost killed him’

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — WANE 15 first told you on Thursday the Fort Wayne Police Department is warning about a dangerous drug that is being sold as a prescription drug on the streets. A local mom believes her teenage son took the drug that police made the warning about.

The mom wants to stay anonymous, but felt she needed to share her story so other parents can be aware of this drug and talk to their kids.

“We’re a good family. We make decent money. We live in a nice area of town. You know, it’s not like my kid is hooked on meth or heroin. You know, he took a pill he thought was Percocet to fall asleep that he got from a buddy a month prior to that, and it almost killed him.”

That February night, this mom never thought she would be put into this situation. Her 17-year-old son was playing video games with a friend late at night, when he stopped breathing.

“He had no heartbeat, no pulse. My husband started CPR. I called 911.”

Two doses of Narcan would make her son conscious again after nearly 15 minutes. The mom says her son had back surgery last year and was given a Vicodin, so he knew a similar drug, Percocet, would make him sleepy.

“He didn’t want to end his life, you know. It wasn’t on purpose. He wasn’t even doing it to get high. He was doing it to go to sleep, cause he thought it was the same medicine he took last fall, or the same type of medicine.”

The mom says her son truly believed he was taking a prescription drug, and didn’t suspect it could be Fentanyl.

“The biggest reason I wanted to talk about it, or tell somebody about it is that these kids have no idea what they’re taking. They think they’re getting one thing and they’re getting the exact opposite.”

Her other big piece of advice is talk to your kids and make sure they’re aware this is out there.

“Call me naïve. I’m 42, I have teenagers. I guess I thought I just had to talk to them about regular drugs, and alcohol, and drinking and driving, and sex. All the stuff, you know that was a problem when I was a kid…if I would have saw that story six months ago, we would have had an honest talk with our kids and said “Listen, if anyone is offering you pills, it’s not what you think it is. Don’t take it. You know, it’s killing people.”

The teen is doing better. He’s in therapy because of the emotional toll of the incident.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drugs or addiction you can reach out to the Fort Wayne Police Department’s Hope and Recovery team at 427-5801.

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