Happy Together show axed, 3rd Foellinger Theatre cancellation in a month

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With the Foellinger Theatre announcing Wednesday that the Happy Together show scheduled for Aug. 16, 2018 is canceled, that makes it the third concert the venue has canceled in a month.

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation said the show was canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

On July 6, the theatre canceled the Beach Boys show scheduled for July 15 “due to logistical issues.”

Jay Leno’s Aug. 4 appearance was canceled on July 26 due to a “scheduling conflict.”

Fort Wayne Park and Rec deputy director Mitch Sheppard said they only rent out their facility. They’re not in direct contact with the band. The point of contact is the show’s promoter Pacific Coast Concerts. 

One of the representatives, Russ Dodge, said there’s no problem with ticket sales 

“I think it obviously indicates that they’ve had some issues, but I couldn’t comment on what the issues are,” Sheppard said.

“There’s nothing to really fix,” he said. “Sometimes things happen, you know?”

Sheppard says she’s not particulalry concerned about the axed shows.
    “Are we disappointed?” she asked. “I’m going to let you in on a nasty little secret about the truth of booking our venue, which is we always make money on rentals. We do not take a loss on a rental. Ever. We can only profit from a rental.”

The rental fees they get from Pacific Coast and other promotion companies helps them more than cover the expenses of the facility so they can host community programming.

Some have wondered if Sweetwater Sound or the new Clyde Theatre have been stealing ticket sales from Foellinger. 

“I’d let people draw their own conclusion about that,” Dodge said. “Yeah is there more competition for the entertainment dollar? Of course there is, but that’s the way it is everywhere.” 

Dodge concluded by saying they’ve had a strong track record of shows at the Foellinger. When a show gets canceled and they can’t find another date, they have no choice but to refund tickets and maybe hope they can rebook the act the next year. 

The parks department said customers who purchased tickets to the shows from Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department via credit card will receive refunds automatically. Cash purchasers should return tickets to the Park Department office at 705 E. State Blvd. for refunds during regular business hours. 

The Foellinger’s remaining shows for the summer season are Alice Cooper on Sept. 1, Modest Mouse on Sept. 21 and REO Speedwagon on Sept. 26.

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