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Victim in Grant County double shooting says he's "been through hell"

GRANT COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) - NewsChannel 15 was able to talk to one of the victims of that double shooting who said the last five months have been "hell."

Larry Pavey, Sr.was shot three times that January night. He said he heard a knock on the door and answered it. Three teenagers asked if there was a woman home.

"I said, 'she's not here. This is the Thompson...' and before I even got 'residence' out they started shooting," Pavey said.

He was shot in the stomach, elbow and hip. He said he was lucky to have recently gotten a hip replacement. Doctors told him if that metal hip were not there, the bullet could have hit his femoral artery.

Pavey's father, 81-year-old Gene Thompson, was not so lucky. He was shot in the chest and died.

Pavey is still struggling with the loss.

"They took my world from me. They took my father, my inspiration, and not only me and my father, they put everybody through...through so much," said Pavey.

A gun linked three teens to that homicide in Jonesboro, according to the Grant County Sheriff's Department.

On January 7, police responded to a reported shooting at 1105 South 4th Avenue. They learned 17-year-old Corbin Page and three other juveniles drove to the address for an attempted robbery.

Page and two others went to the door and had a short conversation with Pavey, who answered the door. Then, Page pulled out a gun and started shooting at Pavey.

Pavey ran from the front door where Pavey's father, Thompson, hwas lying in a hospital bed, according to Grant County police. Thompson was shot in the upper chest and died en route to a hospital. Pavey was taken to a Fort Wayne hospital and recovered. Page and the juveniles left the scene.

One month later, Page killed himself and Alainee Beyer at her home in Marion. The Indiana State Police Laboratory discovered the gun used in that shooting was the same one used to kill Thompson and hurt Pavey.

At that point, Grant Couny police said they began looking into Page and the other teens. They discovered digital evidence connecting them two the teens.

After interviewing them twice, the juveniles admitted that they were at the scene of the shooting, Grant County police said.

The juveniles are facing false informing charges and their cases are pending in juvenile court. They were not identified because they are juveniles.

The Grant County Sheriff's Department cleared the rest of the case due to Page's death.

In the process of the investigation, police cleared other cases and made ten arrests for charges from theft to false informing.

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