FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A group is gathering Saturday at the Allen County Courthouse to bring awareness to an issue that has impacted many across the globe.

Advocacy groups and community leaders are coming together for the fifth year to recognize Overdose Awareness Day, which serves to remember loved ones who lost their lives to overdose.

This epidemic continues to be a battle for Allen County. The young people are the ones who are most targeted.

“The kids these days don’t have the opportunity to experiment with drugs the way that I did when I was a kid you can take a Vicodin or a Percocet,” said Tommy Streeter, Community Outreach Coordinator. “They just don’t have the opportunity to experiment like that because one of those pills is more than enough to kill more than one person,” Streeter explained.

One parent who lost his child to an accidental overdose makes it his mission to reach those who are reluctant.

“I’m hoping that with my message, it will reach just one kid and they will all run into that choice of whether are they going to take it or not take it,’ explained Chad Bauer. “I hope and pray to god that they don’t take it, that they remember what we all are doing out here and they will remember, hey I shouldn’t be doing this,” Bauer said.

Anyone struggling with addiction and who wants to get help can start by contacting Fort Wayne Police’s Hope and Recovery Team to get guidance for help and treatment.