Group founded by veterans find special bond helping other veterans “fallen through the cracks”

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Ahead of Memorial Day, WANE 15 has gotten a look at the special bond between those who have served. Organization Invisible Vets has returned to helping veterans who have “fallen through the cracks” after being forced to cut back efforts during the pandemic.

“There’s that weird instant bond that I’m not sure necessarily everybody understands when you meet somebody who is a veteran and you are a veteran,” Invisible Vets Board Member Care Brandgard said. “To some degree you know where they come from.”

Looking for a way to help pay for school, Brandgard joined the Marine Corps in 1993, going through the rigorous boot camp before serving in Administrative Supply.

“To be able to know that you can do it and that you can persevere through something like that and that you can be part of a group and a team to work together to accomplish something like that, especially at that young of an age, it’s a pretty big accomplishment,” Brandgard explained.

She and the people with Invisible Vets use that military mentality to help others pay bills, fight hunger and keep them warm in the winter.

“To be able to serve in an organization that gives back to people that have maybe fallen on hard times, that aren’t quite as fortunate as I have been, it’s important to me to be able to do that,” Brandgard added.

While Invisible Vets could use help from anyone to help accomplish their mission, there is something about that special bond that helps save a life.

“Which is really important to be able to have, especially in a community that doesn’t necessarily trust very easily,” Brandgard said.

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