FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –While more than 2,000 local leaders were learning at the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), the rest of the country – and beyond – was learning about Parkview Health.

The GLS is an annual two-day seminar reaching around 200,000 people around the globe through 500+ in-person sites or online. Fort Wayne frequently sees the largest attendance outside of Willow Creek Church in suburban Chicago where the event originates. This year, rather than gathering in a single space such as the Memorial Coliseum or Grand Wayne Center, local organizers connected more than a dozen sites in the region through a video network.

Between speakers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Julient Funt, Shola Richards and more, attendees were shown “Grander Vision Stories” of people who used past GLS teachings to impact their community. One of those videos featured Parkview Health.

The GLS video (below) began with Parkview employee Lori Whitman, a local GLS board member, and then moved to several more Parkview employees, all facing unique challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Those challenges were shared with coworkers through an at-work video series called “The Daily Dose” which transformed a “13,000 person staff” into a “13,000 person family.”

After the video, Pastor Craig Groeschel, a GLS “Champion” and keynote speaker, hinted Fort Wayne might be his favorite host site.

Local sponsors of the GLS include Parkview Health, Sweetwater Sound, Vera Bradley, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance, STAR Bank, Ambassador Enterprises, Greater Fort Wayne Inc. and more.