It was an extraordinary day for a 14-year-old girl from Angola. Olivia Stoy needed the world’s help to raise money to pay for her cancer treatment – $350,000.  A week after introducing her story to the media, she has the money she needs through a bracelet fundraiser she started.

Just seven days ago, Olivia only had about $25,000 raised towards her $350,000 bone marrow transplant. She needs the procedure by next month or she’s unlikely to survive her t lymphoblastic lymphoma. 

At $20 a piece, she wondered if people would help her out by buying her Lava Liv bracelets. She had designed them with Emily Bryan, the owner of Emily Kai, an accessories business in Fort Wayne. 

Bryan presented her with a check for $110,000 on Sunday, which took her over her goal.

With some internet viral power, Olivia’s bracelet’s sold far beyond her small town of Angola. Country-wide, people bought thousands of them. 

Combined with her GoFundMe campaign she cleared her goal in seven days. 

Olivia has become a symbol of hope and inspiration to many. “Impossible” is a word she’ll never consider again. 

“350,000 is a huge number and we raised $350,000 in one week and it’s just amazing and it shows that if you keep pushing and never give up, you can make things happen,” Olivia said.

Her parents are speechless.

“I had no idea how many bracelets we sold,” said Megan Stoy, her mother. “I am completely shocked at Emily’s check and her donation and we’re so thankful for Emily and all she has done for Olivia. She’s taught her a lot about business and fundraising and we’re just so thankful for everyone that purchased all around the world.”

Her dad, Tom Stoy, shared the sentiment.

“It’s very overwhelming,” he said. “It’s absolutely amazing and it shows what the power of people can do. When you put a lot of good people together, you can climb major mountains in a small amount of time. We have known from the beginning that God’s taken care of us and God has orchestrated this and it’s just awesome to see this come together.”

Olivia said this campaign is much bigger than her. She and designer Emily Bryan are going to continue to sell bracelets for others dealing with childhood cancer.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone in America,” Bryan said. “You should feel proud in wearing this bracelet because you’ve made a difference in Olivia’s life and you’re a part of that. Our plan is to continue to give back to pediatric cancer and empower others with this bracelet.”

Bryan has made a promise that for every Lava Liv bracelet bought, she will give one for free to a child that has pediatric cancer.

Olivia will continue to spread awareness and serve children with cancer through her non-profit Liv It Up. To learn more visit She says she will continue to take money on the website and on her GoFundMe campaign to help others.