FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Garage sales are allowed to continue amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the Indiana State Department of Health has new guidelines in place to help ensure safety of those both hosting and attending garage sales.

Under Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s “Back on Track” plan, garage sales are classified as retail locations. Per the terms of the plan, which is in stage two, gatherings of a maximum of twenty-five people are allowed.

Those hosting garage sales are asked to wipe down and sanitize products. People attending garage sales are asked to practice social distancing and it is recommended for everyone to wear a mask. Indiana Health Commissioner, Dr. Kristina Box, said that those who are hosting garage sales should do their part to keep their shopping areas clean.

WANE 15 visited a few local garage sales that were taking place in the Glenbrook Park neighborhood Friday. Fort Wayne resident, Vanessa Davidson, hosted a garage sale at her house and said that she taking extra precautions amid the pandemic.

“Trying to make sure that we are washing hands, sanitizing hands after handling money for people. Making sure we wiped down the tables, disinfected them before we put out items. The kids toys we disinfected before we put those out,” said Davidson.

Davidson says that there has been a steady stream of people coming to her sale, but says most people have been aware of others and have tried to keep a distance.

“I’ve noticed people coming in are trying to social distance. People aren’t trying to be right on top of each other looking at the same table. They spread out. I’ve even noticed people will stay in their car until maybe a couple of groups have left and then they’ll come up,” said Davidson.

Davidson says that there are less people having sales in her neighborhood than normal, but she doesn’t know if its due to the rainy spring weather or fear of spreading the novel coronavirus.

Jaclyn Haskell lives a few doors down from Davidson and she was also hosting a yard sale today. She said her number one concern is that not everybody who visited her residence was wearing a mask.

“I would say about seventy-five percent of them are, so that has been probably the biggest concern that we have had, is in the small space people coming up without their masks on,” said Haskell.

For more information regarding phase two of the retail section of the “Back on Track” plan, click here.

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