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Galvanizing local support for Medicare for All

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - A group of about 40 Hoosiers united at the Allen County Public Library on Sunday all with the same purpose - to push for Medicare for All. 

The meeting was one of 150 that are being held across the country from Feb. 9-13 as part of Medicare for All Week of Action. They are being organized by National Nurses United which has fought for Medicare for All since the union's founding in 2009. 

The goal of the meetings is to bolster community support. 

"It is way overdue that the United States have some form of national health insurance policy as every other Western democracy in the world has," said attendee Edith Kenna. 

Volunteers on Sunday began organizing to knock on doors, make phone calls and organize parties. Legislation for single-payer healthcare is set to be introduced this month. Organizers believe these meetings will demonstrate the widespread support that Medicare for All has gained in recent years, especially among Democratic voters and lawmakers. 

"This is something for us, for we the people. Rich, poor, black, white, yellow, doesn't matter. We all need to be able to go to the doctor when we need to," Kenna said. 

GOP lawmakers have opposed the idea for Medicare for All, but with a long list of freshman Democrats who ran and won on the issue, and presidential candidates endorsing the concept, many believe it's the right time. They say now it's all about working together to get it done. 

"That's what this process is about. Let's think about what we actually want for everyone in this country and work together to compromise, to talk about how we are going to get there. We can do it."

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