FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – If you sell things on Facebook Marketplace and live in the Fort Wayne area, here’s something to watch out for.

Fort Wayne Police are warning the public about a scam going around that involves “a rash of counterfeit bills” exchanged in sales through Facebook Marketplace. Police have gotten reports from victims who tried to sell items through Facebook and the “buyer” would meet them and pay with bills marked “For motion picture use only.”

The buyer would leave quickly, in a car or into a secure apartment complex, so the seller wouldn’t realize the money is fake until it’s too late, FWPD said in a release. Police did not provide more details on any potential suspects or say how often this has been happening in the area.

“It’s a seller beware situation”, FWPD said, advising sellers to examine the money before the item is sold and given to the suspect.