FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – By the time they arrived, the smell of marijuana caked the parking lot.

People were shouting at each other, others were trying to find their cars to leave and there was a large amount of blood mixed in with bottles littering the ground.

That’s the chaotic scene Fort Wayne Police officers found upon arriving at Elev8 Lounge, a north side club owned by one of their own, early one morning this weekend.

They were also met with resistance from club officials when wanting to document the inside of the bar, according to police reports.

“The scene looked like the scene of a serious fight and it appeared that someone was badly hurt,” a sergeant wrote in his report.

Officers were called to the nightclub, located in the Market Place of Canterbury at 5745 St. Joe Road, just after 2:30 a.m. on Sunday in reference to a fight.

They were also told a man had suffered a large head wound, according to police reports.

The club is owned – at least partly – by Officer Barrington Scott, according to Indiana Secretary of State records. He was on the scene working a part-time security detail for the club.

While officers could smell marijuana in the parking lot, several could smell it coming from inside the club, as well, according to police reports.

Once the scene outside the club was secured, a sergeant ordered officers to take pictures and document the inside of the club. A man identified as another owner of the club tried to refuse them access and obstruct their investigation, according to police reports.

Another man who got into an altercation with an officer who was trying to follow the sergeant’s orders, according to police reports.

That altercation was defused when the officer backed out of the club, police reports said.

Eventually officers were able to go inside, but noted in reports several minutes went by where almost anything could’ve been removed or hidden or disturbed in the club.

Then, one of the men claiming to own the club tried to tell officers the inside did not smell like marijuana.

“I could immediately smell the odor of burnt marijuana the moment I entered the premises,” a sergeant wrote in his report. “From my detection of the odor, it seemed impossible that anyone could not smell this odor without a medical condition preventing the detection of odors.”

While officers began taking pictures of the inside, the club’s staff quickly tried to put away bottles of alcohol until told to stop.

And once again one of the club’s owners began getting in the way of officers and make comments about them being wrong on the smell of marijuana, according to police reports.

Nobody was arrested in connection to a fight or anything found inside the club, according to police reports.

Whether someone needed medical help or ended up severely injured outside the bar is a mystery.

Police never found who may have left the blood.