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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne Community Schools’ (FWCS) Board of School Trustees have decided to continue to offer honors courses.

The announcement comes after the district proposed more integrated classes to try to meet new graduation standards set by the state. The proposal would make the curriculum more rigorous starting in fourth grade until graduation.

Part of the proposal was to do away with honor-titled classes in lieu of integrated classes with a higher standard. Some parents said their kids would move to a new school district if honors classes were eliminated.

The district released this statement Friday from the School Board of Trustees:“After consideration of all viewpoints, FWCS has decided to continue its practice of offering honors courses. FWCS will evaluate all honors course curriculum for consistency across different courses and schools, as well as criteria for enrollment in honors courses. The goal of the FWCS Board of School Trustees and Administration has been, and will continue to be, ensuring all students are educated to high standards. To that end, we will examine how we can provide access to advanced-level work to more students. The FWCS Board hopes that both students and parents accept the challenge of continual involvement in education issues throughout the District.”

More than 100 people showed up to the Board meeting Monday to voice opposition of this plan.

“We decided that we needed to listen to the parents, and continue to produce honors courses as we now offer them,” FWCS Board Vice President Steve Corona said.

“It was a true democracy, the use of government,” FWCS parent Noah Smith said. “Those people are elected to that position. They listened, and they were open to our comments.”

Smith and Jennifer Matthias helped spearhead the fight against the plan. They both have kids who took, are taking and will take FWCS honors classes. They said the plan wouldn’t push their kids to their greatest potential.

Others said their kids who are not honor-students would struggle in the integrated classes.

Although they didn’t expect this outcome, the parents who fought against the plan are thankful the Board and administration made this final decision.

The Board challenged people to stay involved, and keep coming to meetings.

“We feel like we flew down the gauntlet with the Fort Wayne Community Schools with this issue, and they answered, and we need to do the same,” Smith said.

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