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Three-year old Maliyah Davis is a Summit City toddler who is making a big impression in the modeling field. A year and a half ago her picture appeared on a Huggies Diapers box. “She was just getting ready to turn two,” said her mother Jessica Stephens.

A talent agency called Babes N’ Beaus is responsible for Maliyah’s appearance on Huggies. She and her parents now make monthly trips to Chicago for photo shoots hoping to land another contract. “Most of the time when she poses for pictures, she goes back by herself,” said Stephens. “They don’t want parents messing with them or the kids wanting to go to their mom and dad. It’s a lot of work driving to Chicago three hours away.  We get there. We check hair and makeup and put her in her clothes and wait a few hours.”

“It’s kind of surreal,” said Tycordia Davis, Maliyah’s father. “Obviously everyone thinks that they have the most beautiful baby and to kind of have other people reassure what we already thought is kind of amazing.”

Maliyah’s introduction to modeling began when her parents sent a picture to a local radio station contest. “So we uploaded her picture to WMEE’s Most Beautiful Baby Contest and we had family and friends vote for her every day for about two weeks. WMEE called us and told us we won and then Maliyah was all over billboards in the city.”

The contest was the catalyst that prompted Maliyah’s parents to look into modeling. “We ended up going to Pittsburgh for a modeling convention that we heard of and she got signed by Babes N’ Beaus talent agency,” said Stephens.

Maliyah does get paid for her modeling jobs. “Her agency gets 20 percent because they set up the different photo shoots and work with clients,” her mother said. “It’s not a lot of money but the experience is great.”

“I like to dance and I like Belle,” said Maliyah referencing her costumes from Beauty and The Beast. “I got mommy makeup too.”

“We don’t really push her. As long as she enjoys it we’ll definitely support her,” said her father. Maliyah’s parents said lately she’s been trying out for commercials. They hope she’ll be featured in one of them soon.

As for the Huggies Diapers, “They’re the size 6 diapers for big babies,” laughed Stephens. “Thing is, Maliyah never made it to that size. My mom said that she’s going to keep a box so when Maliyah has a baby she can give her baby the diapers. I told her they’ll probably have disintegrated by then, but we’ll see.”

Maliyah can also been seen in a Home Chef television commercial.

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