Fuel leak that led to headaches, closed businesses in Payne traced to gas station

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The Maramart gas station at 202 N. Main St. in Payne, Ohio is shown. (Google Maps)

PAYNE, Ohio (WANE) — Officials in Payne have identified the source of an odor that has emitted from the village’s sewer system this week.

A joint statement from the Village of Payne and Paulding County EMA released Friday explained that

The odor was first detected on Monday. At that point, village officials along with fire department and water department personnel started to track where it was coming from.

By Tuesday, the Paulding County EMA director, Ed Bohn, was called in. The statement said “instrumentation” of the fire department and EMA determined the odor was determined to be “not flammable or a health hazard.”

Authorities said the odor has led to complaints of headaches by residents. At least two businesses in the village – Good Times and Puckerbrush – closed after employees complained about the smell and headaches, officials said.

On Wednesday, village firefighters and water sewer personnel began opening the manhole covers on Main Street and Merrin Street, where the odor was being reported. Bohn was called back to the village to study the county’s five gas meter to get air samples from the sewer.

No flammable hydrogen sulfide or oxygen-deficient readings were detected. A sheen was noticed on the water in the sewer, though, according to the statement.

Eventually, a “petroleum product” was discovered coming from Maramart gas station, at the corner of Main and Bailey streets, the statement said. On Thursday, testing determined the product was gasoline, which had been leaking into the sewer.

The statement said C&Y oil company, the owners of the gas station, “immediately took action to rectify the problem.” An environmental cleanup company was contracted to handle the situation.

Crews worked from Thursday afternoon throughout the day Friday to deal stop and clean up the leak and eliminate the odor from the sewer.

“At no time, was there any concern for the drinking water being contaminated, nor the safety and well being of the public being exposed to the odor’s people were smelling,’ the statement said.

It’s not know how much fuel leaked into the sewer. The statement said “the problem is being dealt with under the guidance of the Ohio EPA and BUSTER.”

“I am pleased with the effort of the fire department, water department and Maramart to find and working towards correcting the issue,” Payne Mayor Steve Wobler said in the statement. “The community will continue to be updated as events proceed.”

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