Understanding a medical diagnosis and treatment plan can be confusing and scary and sometimes it’s hard to know how to go about getting a second opinion. A new medical website is hoping to help change that. 

Fort Wayne doctor Geoffrey Cly, MD, FACOG, created HonestOBGyn.com. It’s a website that will give patients across the country new access to doctors. It encourages patients to question treatment plans before undergoing surgery. 

Dr. Cly lost both his parents to malpratice and wants to prevent the same tragedy from happening to anyone else. 

“It’s my mission to improve the way doctors treat their patients, and to empower women with the knowledge I’ve gained from seeing over 100,000 patient office visits, delivering more than 3,000 babies, and performing more than 900 advanced daVinci robotic minimally invasive surgeries,” said Dr. Cly, “I want patients to know about all of their options before they make a critical decision.”

Watch the video above to see an interview with Dr. Cly on WANE 15’s noon news.

A press release from HonestOBGyn, cited a 2017 review of over 13,000 clinicians that discovered many doctors haven’t kept up with science and new technology. It found that sometimes doctors would continue to deliver outdated treatments because it’s profitable or even because they’re well-known and patients demand them. Cly said some outdated or even ineffective procedures have remained the standards of care for years. 

“HonestOBGyn.com offers free and clear Pocket Guides about your conditions, live discussions with doctors, and honest answers to the next steps in your health journey. HonestOBGyn.com will empower women with a doctor’s level of knowledge, in the privacy of your home, to get you on your journey to being healthy again,” Cly said. 

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