COLOMBIA CITY, Ind. (WANE) – Colombia City announced on Thursday that three free public Wi-Fi services are available across the city.

According to a Facebook post from Colombia City mayor Ryan Daniel, the Wi-Fi services are downtown, at Morsches Park, and at the Russel and Evelyn Fahl Aquatics center.

“This is just another amenity in our downtown and parks that attracts residents and visitors alike,” said Mayor Daniel. “Connectivity to the world is an enhancement that will draw new people to the best parts of our community!”

The public Wi-Fi project was paid for by American Rescue Plan dollars.

Users can access the network in the immediate downtown area by tapping the “Public Wi-Fi – City Hall” network. At Morsches Park the network is “Public Wi-Fi – Morsches Park” and at the Russel and Evelyn Fahl Aquatics center it is “Public Wi-Fi – Aquatics Center”.