FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Junk Ditch Brewing Company held its quarterly free meal giveaway event Monday afternoon.

Starting at 2:30, anyone who wished to drive through or walk up and grab a free meal could do so.

They handed out 400 free meals.

“I think it’s great. I think It’s great way to be part of our community,” Andrew Smith said. “A great way to give back. It shows that people are wanting to be part of an experience like this and wanting to respond well to a free meal and being received by a restaurant trying to give back.”

Smith is one of the owners of the restaurant and brewery.

He told WANE 15 that the idea for the free meal giveaway came about a few years ago as a way to give back to and be a better part of the local community.

It’s a partnership with local farmers and farms they work with for ingredients, and groups like the Human Agriculture Co-operative.

Co-founder Ty Simmons said they loved seeing how many people came out because everyone needs food to survive, no matter where they’re from.

“We’re just so thankful, you know what I’m saying? From everyone cooking, from the partners that helped bring in the food, to all the volunteers, all the other partners, we’re just so thankful because you can tell that there’s a sense of community. But we’re going to not only do it here in food, but hopefully it expands to other things,” Simmons said.

Several people who came to pick up meals expressed how thankful they were that the food was available.

One of them told WANE 15 how grateful they are for what Junk Ditch does.

“This is one of the more incredible things that our community does, and the fact that Junk Ditch does it this often is amazing and we’re always here. It’s incredible,” Nate Utesch said.

On Monday, the meals were boxed up by volunteers from the Manchester University College of Pharmacy.

In addition to a free meal, dessert was available. Dairy or non-dairy ice cream options were added for anyone who desired a sweet treat.