FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After two public meetings back in April and May, plans regarding the renovation of Foster Park Golf Course are progressing. The goal is to have a complete or nearly complete Master Plan by September.

The renovation is to celebrate 100 years of golf at Foster Park. The plan is to have a renovated golf course by 2028 that is sustainable for another 100 years.

Steve McDaniel, Director of the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department, says a plan currently displayed on Foster Park Golf Course’s website is the fifth rendition of the plan. You can view the plan here. He considers it to be halfway complete and the golf course design team hired by the department is in the process of incorporating public comments to come up with a Master Plan.

The parks department is still taking public comments to improve the course redesign. You can take an updated survey on their website here or call the department’s office at (260)-427-6000. The goal is for the redesign to include a variety of perspectives, including from those living in the neighborhood, by the course, and the golfers themselves.

McDaniel says the redesign will focus on elements that help alleviate known issues. The goal is to rework the lay of the land and how the golf course operates and flows. The renovation will also adjust the flood control of the course, as Foster Park resides in a flood plain. The objective is to improve how the course drains after a heavy rain, so golfing can resume as quickly as possible.

Additional tee boxes, new water hazards that tie in with the irrigation system of the course, a reworking of the network of trees -without changing older trees that are at least 50 to 100 years old- and a change in the order of the holes are changes that will be a part of the Master Plan. McDaniel says one specific change is anticipated for holes 6, 7, and 8 along Hartman Road. The goal is to rework the course layout so golfers avoid hitting down the fairway with the road on the right side. This is because golfers tend to slice it this direction; the parks department hopes to avoid golf balls in streets and yards and make the setup more safe.

McDaniel says the next step in this process once the Master Plan is approved is to determine the cost and how much fundraising is needed. Then the parks department will take the Master Plan to the next level by carrying out construction drawings including more design work and obtaining permits to work in a flood plain. Then finally, the plan will be submitted through the state for final approval. The goal is to have minimal downtime for the course when construction begins.

Ultimately, there is excitement about the future of golf in Foster Park. There are a lot of benefits to playing golf; it is great exercise and a fun sport.

If you would like to learn more, visit the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department’s website and stay tuned for the Master Plan’s anticipated release in September.