Fort Wayne woman sings in support of April Tinsley

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Mary Herendeen works at a pet day care, but she also has another talent, music. When April Tinsley was killed in 1988, Herendeen wrote a song to memorialize her, help her family grieve and, according to her, get under the killer’s skin.

Even with a suspect in custody, she feels hardships are still ahead for April’s parents.

“The thing that tears me apart is yeah you want him caught, but now I think Oh my God, her mom and her dad have to see that face now,” Herendeen said. “That’s not the best face to be looking at for one. It’s like the face of a monster.”

Herendeen began writing “Sweet April” soon after April originally went missing and finished the song around the time her body was discovered.

“I wanted them to have it and to know that she touched somebody that way to where they felt like they had to do something and to write something,” Herendeen said.

The song was originally on a cassette tape, but three years ago, Herendeen put the song online and edited it to then show April Tinsley’s parents.
She had a message she wanted  to continue to share with them.

“I’ll be praying for her parents and her family,” she said.0″ That’s difficult. I can’t imagine, but they won’t be alone. I know the community’s going to come together for them. If they ever need anything, they can call me because I’ll do whatever I can.”

The suspect in April’s killing is expected to appear in court on Thursday.

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